Sooner Inc.
Supply Chain

Sooner offers a wide range of OCTG services, customized to meet your needs.

With our proven system, customers achieve greater ROI from existing assets by utilizing our expertise.


Efficiently manage OCTG and accessory production planning while staying responsive to market demands.

Pipe Inspection & Maintenance

Rely on our rigorous pipe inspection services to guarantee the quality and reliability of your assets. Our approach ensures compliance with industry standards and the longevity of your materials.

Storage & Tracking

Efficiently manage your materials from storage to location with our services. We offer secured, organized, and controlled storage. Experience detailed and on-demand material tracking through SoonerTRACE, our proprietary digital inventory tracking system, ensuring accuracy in inventory management.

Logistics & Transportation

Benefit from our flexible logistics solutions and prompt reaction to your needs. Utilizing our company-owned vehicles, we ensure reliable and timely transportation, facilitating the smooth flow of your operations.

Inventory Optimization

We are the leader in OCTG distribution and access $1.2 billion in OCTG and line pipe inventory. Streamline your inventory with our dedicated service centers, maximizing market opportunities and profitability with our strategic approach.


Count on our dedicated team to adapt seamlessly to your asset management requirements. With a wealth of expertise, we navigate challenges, ensuring the success of your projects.

  • Project Management
  • Forecasting
  • Placing and tracking orders
  • Coordinating delivery at pipe yard
  • Threading and inspection
  • On-demand inventory updates
  • Maintenance and storage management
  • Manufacturing and tracking accessories
  • Rig prep
  • Callouts and transportation to rig
  • Rig returns and inspections



Sooner is not a single source provider. With significant buying power, Sooner optimizes value through mill efficiency. Our customizable program models cater to specific needs. Strategically positioned in major basins, we optimize logistics through local partnerships. Understanding regional diversity, we stock basin-specific products while leveraging a global reach.


With nearly a century in the OCTG industry and backed by Marubeni-Itochu’s financial strength, Sooner delivers dedicated customer support. Offering 24/7 operational assistance, we ensure swift adaptation to customer needs, making us a trusted and reliable team.

Beyond Tubulars

Every Basin, Every Option

Efficiently manage your materials from storage to distribution with our services.

Experience seamless material tracking through SoonerTRACE, our proprietary digital inventory tracking system, ensuring accuracy in inventory management.


Onshore Services

At Sooner we understand that every onshore operation is unique, and we specialize in making sure we can adapt our offerings and services to each end user’s specific requirements.

Sooner represents the world’s leading manufacturers, delivering solutions to customer operations. As a market leader Sooner provides a constant view of market conditions and economies of scale buying power. Exposure to new suppliers and technologies on a constant basis provides cutting-edge options to our customers. Sooner’s substantial inventory investment ensures protection against supply interruptions.


Offshore Services

Sooner invests heavily in offshore markets, utilizing technology, skilled personnel, and dedicated service centers.

Our tailored solutions address the unique challenges of Deepwater operations, meeting your specific requirements with precision.

Products, Services & Adaptability

Deep Experience, Ultra Deep Expertise

One call connects you to an extensive network of mills, manufacturers, and service companies, ready to promptly address any challenge.

We offer a range of casing, tubing sizes, and accessories for Deepwater drilling. At Sooner, options are key. We represent leading manufacturers and offer cutting-edge technologies. With our proprietary technology, we provide a seamless interface for evaluating and planning operations.

Why Choose Sooner?



Nearly a century of leading and adapting to the changing demands of the oilfield market.


Service Centers & Logistics

Best in class logistic models, regional service centers with strategically located inventory to provide efficient solutions to customer well sites.



Privileged access to the latest products, processes, and technologies.


Diverse Solutions

Sooner is not a single-source supplier, we stock and represent the world’s leading manufacturers.



Sooner’s proprietary digital technology with real-time inventory tracking can interface with customers’ ERP systems.


Service Capabilities

Sooner-owned facilities in all major basins and threading operations for production, repairs and accessories completes the supply chain.