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Powering Sooner’s evolution with incomparable supply chain solutions.

TerraTech Services, a division of Sooner, Inc., is an integration of the rich cultural legacies of Sooner Pipe and CTAP. As a leading global provider of oilfield services and logistics, TerraTech is dedicated to revolutionizing supply chain solutions within major U.S. oilfield basins. Our strategically positioned service centers ensure unmatched storage and handling, logistics, and machine shops, while our commitment to excellence, safety, and a culture of collaboration propels us forward.

From material handling and storage to inspection, stenciling, and cleaning, TerraTech offers the best access to a wide range of tubular services, supported by inventory management and logistical expertise. Join us in shaping the future of energy industries, as we continue to provide a culture of success, excellence, and innovation while embracing challenges head-on.


President, TerraTech Services
COO, TerraTech Services


GM, Business Development, TerraTech
GM, Division I, TerraTech
GM, Division II, TerraTech
GM, Logistics, TerraTech
GM, Division II, TerraTech
GM, Manufacturing, TerraTech

Full circle supply chain, ensuring success at every turn

  • OCTG Options
  • Asset Management
  • Forecasting Tools
  • Maintenance & Inspection
  • Line Pipe – CTAP
  • Casing Accessories
  • Float Equipment
  • Downhole Tools
  • Rig Site Services
  • Well Returns
  • Logistics & Heavy Haul – TerraTech

Our History

TerraTech’s history is a seamless integration of the legacies of Sooner Pipe and CTAP. Sooner Pipe, founded by Henry Zarrow in 1937, focused on connecting energy creators with essential supplies, while CTAP, established by Duke Altschuler in 1986, was driven by a commitment to collaborative solutions for oilfield challenges. In 2019, Sooner, Inc. acquired CTAP, expanding its market scope. The formation of TerraTech Services, a division by Sooner, further enhances operational support, prioritizing safety and unlocking unlimited potential for growth in service centers, logistics, and asset management.

Together, these entities propel Sooner, Inc. towards its vision of becoming a leading global provider of oilfield services and logistics in the oil and gas industry.


SoonerGREEN Commitment

We’ve woven sustainability into the fabric of our business, aiming to safeguard the environment, empower individuals, and achieve results ethically—both today and in the future.


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