Sooner Inc.

Zac Cross

COO, TerraTech Services

Zac Cross currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at TerraTech Services, boasting over 14 years of distinguished experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. In his current role, Zac assumes oversight of all TerraTech operations, including service centers, logistics, and threading operations.

Zac initiated his career as an Account Manager at CTAP, demonstrating a strong commitment to professional growth and excellence. His strategic acumen to operational efficiency led to his successive advancements within the organization, culminating in his appointment as Vice President of Commercial Operations in 2018.

A graduate of the University of Northwestern Ohio, Zac earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This educational background, coupled with his extensive industry experience, equips him with a robust skill set, contributing significantly to the success and operational excellence of TerraTech Services.