Sooner Inc.

Lex Lewis

Vice President, Sooner Pipe

Lex Lewis currently holds the position of Vice President at Sooner Pipe, a role he assumed after the acquisition of Phillips Casing, LP in 2005. His professional journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience that has significantly contributed to Sooner Pipe’s growth and success. After completing his education at UT Austin and earning his degree from Eastern NM University, Lex embarked on his career at the start of the shale revolution.

His early experiences in the Permian Basin laid the foundation for a career dedicated to the dynamic energy landscape. Lex transitioned to overseeing operations and sales in the Barnett Shale, demonstrating leadership and adaptability in navigating evolving industry trends. Capitalizing on his robust experience and cultivating strong relationships with key industry players, Lex played a pivotal role as the Sooner model expanded across the United States.

His exposure to various regions and his strategic vision have been instrumental in positioning Sooner Pipe as a leader in the industry. Lex’s journey at Sooner Pipe has been characterized by increasing levels of responsibility, a testament to his dedication and valuable contributions. In his current role as Vice President, Lex Lewis continues to play a crucial part in shaping Sooner Pipe’s trajectory, reflecting a career marked by expertise, adaptability, and a commitment to success.