Sooner Inc.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Bigheart Piper

February 9, 2024

February is not just about cupid’s arrows and heart-shaped chocolates; it’s also a good time to delve into the rich history of our company. Sooner acquired the beloved Bigheart Pipe Line Corporation back in the 1970s. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and explore the roots of our corporate culture through the lens of an iconic relic – the Bigheart Piper newsletter.

In the early 1980s, the first edition of BigHeart Piper, with heart-shaped logos, embodied the company’s values and was a cherished way for us to communicate. Encouraging employees to contribute, the newsletter became a reflection of our diverse corporate family, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Evolution of the BigHeart Piper Logo

Early editions highlighted different departments, like the stellar accounting team in Tulsa, adding a personal touch and making everyone feel valued. The pages of Bigheart Piper featured timeless advice in a cute cartoon: “Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.” This wisdom, urging employees to see things from the customer’s perspective, still resonates today, reminding us of enduring principles.

The endearing aspect of Bigheart Piper lies in the fact that it was created using a typewriter. Compared to today’s technology, it’s a reminder of the simplicity and authenticity of the past. The typewriter, a relic in today’s tech-driven world, captured the essence of an era where creativity thrived despite analog limitations.

Reflecting on our past, we affirm our commitment to high-quality customer service, echoing the Bigheart Piper era. This commitment remains a driving force, making every day at Sooner a celebration of enduring principles and genuine connections. Take a trip back in time and read the full edition of the Bigheart Piper here.